Wildly Pretty Things

Was created to empower solopreneurs and small businesses through my Visual Branding System℠ to give them the confidence to present their ideas to the world.

I’m passionate about seeing people resonate with a great company through beautiful graphics that help tell a story.

Why Graphic Design is Important to Me (and You)

I have always had a love for making pretty things and making things pretty as well as a curiosity for how technical things work. When I discovered digital graphic design I found a way to express both my logical and creative sides. When I’ve finished a project and I have a raving client who is in love with it, there is a sense of “coming home” that is hard to beat.

People are interacting with your company graphic design everyday…websites, logos, marketing materials, social media, etc. Good graphic standards and design greatly impact what a client’s first impression is about you. They are integral to creating and maintaining brand recognition, company unity, professionalism, and communication. My Visual Branding System℠ can help!

Let the rules of what you should and shouldn’t do be pounded under the hooves of your spirited and untamed imagination. It’s time to let your ideas run and see where they take you.

What Makes Wildly Pretty Things Different?

The awesome horses running through the surf weren’t good enough for you? 😉

In graphic design there is always an emphasis on making things “pretty”, but it goes deeper than just a logo or a web site.

It’s about providing a full-spectrum, graphic system and how to make it work for you.

It’s about what tells your story the BEST and how it will resonate with your clients.

It’s about making your look cohesive while making your implementation as simple as possible.

It’s all about YOU and what YOU love.